A Year of Innovation in Review

Posted by Proax Technologies on January 11 2019

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2018 Marked a year of innovation at Proax Technologies. Each year Proax announces a new theme that is meant to shape how the company looks to motivate itself in the New Year. Upon reflection of 2018, we recognize how our commitment to innovate has influenced our growth.

The completion of the renovations on our GTA and B.C offices this past spring marks the improvement of our ability to complete proof of concepts on potential projects. With two new spaces dedicated entirely to the design and testing of projects, Proax is able to confidently present custom solutions based off of our customer’s needs.  Along with our renovations in Oakville and BC our group has expanded to serve Manitoba! While Proax worked internally to improve upon its ability to serve our customers’ needs, we also worked with our partners to enhance the customer experience at Proax.

At the start of June, we received the Omron Distributor of the Year Award, a recognition of our dedication to supporting Omron’s advanced technical automation line.


                     Omron Distributor of the Year AwardSMC_Distributor_Award_Proax_Technologies_July-23-2018-1


Around the same period of time, we were also recognized by SMC as Canada’s only Elite Distributor. SMC has established requirements of the elite level that Proax has satisfied through an inventory investment of over $2 million, hiring 10+ SMC factory trained employees, and establishing manifold assembly labs across Canada. Partnering with an Elite Distributor such as Proax allows you to benefit from our technical expertise, our large local inventory and our outstanding service. Working as one team with SMC, we also completed the SMC Etech integration on our website so that users now have access to SMC’s complete North American inventory accessible at proax.ca.




Within 2018, we improved our website structure and performance, upon which customers are given a more user friendly resource to place their orders online and check inventory. 

While Proax was busy this last year our core partners were as well. In 2018, Omron successfully partnered with Techman for the development of the new and highly anticipated Omron collaborative robot. In conjunction with Omron’s LD autonomous mobile robot these two robots can work together to transport material from one location to another and perform tasks such as pick and place in multiple locations. ABB has most notably changed the name of one of its acquisitions from Thomas and Betts to ABB Installation Products Ltd. While Phoenix Contact now guarantees lifetime warranty for products purchased out of the U.S. In 2019, we hope they extend this coverage to Canada! Rittal has released a compact version of the Blue e+ cooling unit series dedicated to an output class at 1.6 Kw, the lowest produced yet. Meaning they can now cater to a market looking for compact cooling units for efficient enclosure climate control. Robotunits underwent a logo overhaul along with a new anti slip profile product increasing the level of safety in industrial facilities. Finally, Troax focused on introducing their Test Centers under which they are able to complete proof of concepts on their own materials to prove their capability. 


Techman Omron Collaboration


We would like to thank our customers and partners alike as we celebrate the growth Proax has experienced in the last year! We look forward to growing our relationships in the New Year and hope you continue to be a part of this growth. Stay tuned for an introduction to our 2019 theme and take a look at our 2018 theme video!