Posted by Proax Technologies on September 25 2018

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              Proax recently became Canada’s first and only SMC Elite Distributor; with only 9 other companies holding this title in North America. Becoming an Elite Distributor was a sign of Proax Technologies dedication to investing in our core vendors and our value add services. Partnering with Proax as an elite distributor means you have access to an SMC inventory that has been invested in with over $2 million dollars, 10+ SMC factory trained employees and multiple manifold assemblies across Canada.

              Our innovation didn’t end here though, working as one team Proax has created a unique opportunity for its customers via the integration of SMC’s online inventory into our very own website. The integration of this system is the first in its field in Canada guaranteeing a one of a kind customer experience. To fully understand the etech integration and Proax Technologies innovations to date we interviewed two of our own expert SMC personnel; Ken Riehl (Director of Business Solutions) and Rob Almeida (Pneumatics Product Manager);

What makes the relationship between SMC and Proax Technologies unique?

“Proax’s commitment to investing in elite personnel, along with a diversified and plentiful inventory is unique in that is has bridged the gap from supplier to distributor to customer in the most advantageous way. Our customers can enjoy the benefits of our relationship with SMC as it allows for a higher level of efficiency and accuracy. The streamlined way in which we are able to communicate our customers’ needs to our valued suppliers results in quality product solutions reaching our customers in a faster more accurate manner”.

How does the etech integration enhance this?

“The integration of this system was a byproduct of our efforts to create an online system that made the user experience friendlier! It enhances the way Proax is able to interact with SMC’s inventory so that as a distributor we are able to provide a superior servicing experience for SMC along with our customers.  Not only do customers have access to a more accurate representation of available product quantities, but they have the unique ability to build and size their own manifold on the website. The etech integration will directly materialize our customer’s vision of the solutions they need.”  

What made the integration of SMC’s etech a priority at Proax?

“At Proax we recognized the complexity of a line such as SMC and wanted to find a way to more easily present the wealth of product SMC has to share with the market. The answer was found in the integration of the etech system.  The type of innovative thinking that achieved the integration will ultimately allow Proax to achieve its goal of being the top automation distributor throughout Canada whilst simultaneously improving our customers business”.

What does the etech Integration mean for the customer experience?

“It now uniquely allows customers and our employees to search through our inventory and that of SMC’s all in one place meaning the overall experience for the customer is streamlined and simplified. Not only that, but customers are able to envision the product they want with the manifold assembly portion of the integration. Customers are able to build their own manifold directly on the website ensuring the reliability and accuracy of the product the customer needs and will receive. It simultaneously increases the amount of information available to the customer while also making it easier for everyone to navigate a large amount of inventory”.

The etech integration into Proax Technologies website is the first in its field in Canada. How do you foresee the future relationship between Proax and SMC growing based off of this achievement?

“As it streamlines the customer experience we also foresee it having a positive impact on our relationship with SMC throughout all levels of their team. As a result of this integration and the elite distributor designation the relationship between SMC and ourselves can only continue to grow as we look for more innovative ways to increase the market share success of both SMC, and our customers”.

What are some of the expectations you place on Proax as a result of achieving the SMC Elite Distributor award?

“Our commitment at Proax has always been to providing innovative product solutions by creating close relationships with our valued customers, vendors and employees. Following these achievements the expectations we put on ourselves includes the continued addition of value added services both regionally and nationally. We remain committed to providing custom solutions to our valued customers, but we look to continue to outdo ourselves by promoting the theme of innovation”.

Our innovation has only just begun! Use the Etech integration today! #innovate #SMCETECH