How are 3D models changing website automation?

Posted by Proax Technologies on December 21 2019

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At Proax Technologies we strive to offer the best customer service experience possible to 'exceed expectations'. In order to achieve this goal, we have implemented several new features to our website to provide a more intuitive purchasing experience. Introducing the newest feature to the website: 3D render capabilities and a robotic cell configurator. The purpose of adding these features is to provide you with the most amount of information possible.

What is a 3D Render?

A 3D Render is a virtual simulation of an object. This feature allows users to fully rotate their digital creation for maximum viewing angles. These renders are created using a CAD 3D modelling software to recreate real-world objects with accurate dimensions. As time progresses, more and more products will be available.

3D Drives

Checkout the new feature: here


Why add this feature?

1) Understanding Complex Components

A product description provides important information about the features and benefits of a product. Without vast knowledge in the related industry, it's hard to wrap your head around complex part numbers. 3D renders aim to solve this issue by providing virtual product simulations to increase users product understanding. 

2) Avoid Costly Mistakes

The saying is true, "time is money", but nothing is worse than purchasing a product that won't fit your intended application. This feature minimizes costly mistakes. A 3D render gives you the ability to check for flaws before finalizing your purchase. This saves time, money and resources.

3) Full 360 Rotation View

A product description is helpful because it provides a general sense of the product. However, an image is worth a thousand words. Now, imagine how many words a 3D render would be. This new feature will allow you to rotate the product so that you can see every nook and cranny to make sure the product you purchase fits your application.


CTA Robotics Consultation-2


New Features: Robot Cell Configuration

Not all projects are the same, some projects with similar problems don't require a similar solution. The robotic cell configurator is a new program that has been added to the Proax website. Users will be able to select a robot, gripper and design your enclosure all in one spot. The robot cell configurator has a large selection of commonly used products that may be selected to build the exact structure you require. For more complex applications, please contact our sales representative for more information.



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